The 'Nordseeheilbad Wangerland' at the North Sea in Lower Saxony, Germany, stands for recovery and good air. By providing 2 million overnight stays from Spring until Autumn, it is known especially for people from the industrial Ruhr-area as one of the most popular holiday destinations. Many of them are regular guests, visiting year in and year out to enjoy their vacation – or to stay the length of the season spending their pension here. Steady paved camper forecourts and permanent staked off areas show this clearly. Due to the rough climate during late Autumn and Winter no tourists remain in the region during this period. So the comparatively small community of the Wangerland with its 10,000 residents, 40% of whom are related directly to tourism, finally find some time to have a vacation of their own. As a result, it becomes very calm in the region and only very few people are to bee seen. The region hibernates which will last until the Easter Holidays the next year.